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The Lord Our Shepherd

Introduction How many truly satisfied people do you know? It may well be one of the most elusive qualities in the world! Philippians 4:11 - "learned" to be content; Ecclesiastes 5:10 - "He that loves money will not be satisfied; he that loves wealth - it is vanity.' Illustration of a little boy who had [...]

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His Great Holiness

It has well been said, "What health is to the heart, holiness is to the soul" (John Flavel). Of all the attributes of God, holiness is arguably the most comprehensive and significant. No other attribute of God is emphasized more frequently or solemnly; for that matter, no other quality is three-peated (cf. Isaiah 6:3; Revelation [...]

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The Great Need For Strong Churches

If to have seen Jesus was to have seen the Father, the clearest, radiant and beautiful picture of what the Father is really like (John 14:8-9), then to see the church should be to see a clear and precious picture of what Christ is truly like. After all, the church is His body (Eph. 1:21-23); [...]

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Great Preachers of the Past: Johnny Ramsey

The first time I met him he said, "Why don't you sit down and tell that man (my future father-in-law, who also was sitting in the room) exactly what your intentions are concerning his daughter?" Then he left the room! Johnny Ramsey was one part Jeremiah, one part John the Baptizer and one part machine [...]

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Let Love Abound

Studying the prayers of Paul is a life transforming experience! Philippians 1:9-11, while brief, packs a great punch as Paul prays for the church at Philippi. It should be noted 1:9-11 is one long, complex sentence. The apostle continually prays (present tense) for them; he loves them as they are especially dear to his heart. [...]

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NT Commentary Helps For the “Average Christian”

Since no one has unlimited funds to invest in books, what are one or two excellent books to have on each book or section of the New Testament?

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The Incomparable Christ: A Study of Revelation 1:1-8

The exalted Christ is worthy of our trust. He will see us through and give us a heavenly and eternal home.

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Help! I’m Studying Revelation

10 Commentaries That Will Benefit Your Study

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Eight Questions for Every Would Be Elder (And Current Elder Too): (Part 2)

It is vitally important that qualified men of God lead the people of God to greater growth, spiritual health and Christlikeness - all to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Without any doubt, people will be in heaven due to the love, leadership and lives of faithful elders. It has been my blessing and [...]

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Eight Questions for Every Would Be Elder (And Current Elder Too): (Part 1)

Here are eight practical questions to ask any would be elder (or for current elders to ask themselves too).

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