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Ironies of the Arrest and Trials of Jesus

Irony is a literary technique by which the full significance of one’s words and actions are clear to the audience or reader but unknown to the character. A state of affairs occurs that seems directly contrary to the truth of the matter. The biblical account of the arrest and trials of Jesus seems to be [...]

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Five Questions for Dan Winkler

Dan Winkler recently retired after 47 years of local work. However, far from being sedentary, he continues teaching at Freed-Hardeman University, where his classes are always full, as well as preaching and teaching at an incredible variety of venues from gospel meetings, lectures, seminars, workshops and of course, Polishing the Pulpit. Here are 5 questions [...]

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When ‘Conservative’ Isn’t Sound

Being religiously “conservative” is not necessarily the same as being sound in the faith (Titus 1:13; 2:2). The two are not synonymous terms. Without any doubt, there are many areas in which Christians are to be, and must be, conservative. But this is not always so. Rather, we must always endeavor to be sound. Of [...]

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False Teaching 101

It is fascinating in studying the book of Colossians to notice, that while some form of false teaching was threatening the church, Paul repeatedly stresses the preeminence and sufficiency of Jesus and His gospel. While some description is given concerning the nature of the error affecting the church, the exact problem never is completely spelled [...]

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PTP 2017 Shirts


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10 Things You Must Do at PTP!

It’s only a little over 2 weeks until PTP! The amount of time, energy and prayer that goes into planning an event of this magnitude each year is simply mind-boggling. And Christians everywhere are blessed by those who come to renew, refresh and recharge their spiritual batteries at PTP. To say the impact of PTP [...]

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The All-Sufficient Christ

The book of Colossians beautifully and powerfully indicates that you really cannot add anything to Jesus and His gospel without subtracting from them. Christ is preeminent - He is before all and above all (Colossians 1:18). He is not merely to be given a place in our life, or even a priority; He is to [...]

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It’s Only a Month Until PTP!

How do you describe PTP? It’s one part workshop, one part summer camp, one part pray-cation and one part incredible life experience. It may well just be the one week that helps you get through the other fifty-one. It may also be the best investment of time, energy and money you can make all year.  [...]

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Respect for the Word of God is Right

What a wondrous thought! God has a special group of people He calls His own (1 Pet. 2:5-9; Titus 2:11-14), and He has given us divine communication for knowing how to become His people. All are invited, but only those who respond to the gospel in loving obedience of faith make up Christ's church (Rom. [...]

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The Lord Our Shepherd

Introduction How many truly satisfied people do you know? It may well be one of the most elusive qualities in the world! Philippians 4:11 - "learned" to be content; Ecclesiastes 5:10 - "He that loves money will not be satisfied; he that loves wealth - it is vanity.' Illustration of a little boy who had [...]

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