First things first: no individual or entity profits from Polishing the Pulpit.

We only charge a tuition to cover the costs related to having the event such as the event space, speakers, and staffing. In fact, Polishing the Pulpit does not fully cover its cost, and the difference is made up through individual and congregational donations.

Children attend for free with parents or legal guardians such as grandparents. If your congregation wants to send a group of young people, the tuition is $100/teenager.

Times with no tuition fees:

  • Sunday Worship Services. Come and worship with over 4,000 Christians.
  • The last two days of PTP: Wednesday, and Thursday. As some travel home to teach mid-week Bible classes, rooms begin to have a few more empty seats. We would love for you to visit and spend two days with us. You need to register when you arrive, but this is just for us to contact you about future PTPs.

For those that cannot afford the registration fee of PTP, we provide limited scholarships. You may apply here. Please only apply if there is a genuine need.

Registration Type


Pre-conference runs from Wednesday the 17th at 2:30 PM to Friday at 5:00 PM. The Pre-conference is $25 for each attending adult. There are no children’s classes during the pre-conference.


Adult (Payment received after July 1, 2022) (5:30pm Friday – Ends following Thursday)


Spiritual Renewal Weekend (5:30pm Friday – All Sunday) – Thumb drives will be distributed after Sunday morning worship services


Widows/widowers (ages 60+)


Full time, undergraduate, on-campus college/preaching school student. Must be taking at least 12 hours of classes. Online programs do not apply.


Missionary/Foreigner (must live outside the U.S. 6+ months/year)