Upcoming Sparks

May 17-20, 2024

Freeport Church of Christ
Grand Bahama Island

Free for all attendees, but registration is required.

Lodging not provided.

What is PTP Spark?

PTP Spark is a mini-PTP held at different locations at different times of the year. The goal with PTP Spark is to extend the good for the kingdom that the Lord accomplishes through PTP.

Some long-time PTP attendees miss the intimate setting of the early years. We are happy that the annual Polishing the Pulpit workshop now has thousands of attendees that meet in Sevierville to refresh, renew, and recharge but PTP Sparks give us an opportunity to go back to our roots when PTP was hosted by local churches in different communities.

PTP Spark is a smaller version of PTP in cities throughout the country and the world. Each event has the flexibility to give a tremendous boost to churches in a local area and individuals within driving distance.

Spark Benefits


PTP Spark gives an opportunity to continue one’s biblical education. Many cannot stop what they are doing and go back to school full-time, but with Spark, a short time can give you a lot of information.


PTP Sparks are scheduled all over the country, and even a couple outside the U.S. Watch for announcements for the Spark near you.

Smaller Settings

Attended by a hundred to a few hundred instead of a few thousand, Sparks allow more intimate interaction with speakers and other attendees.

Practical Topics

PTP Spark keeps in mind those coming want to take something home with them.


PTP Spark host congregations pay all fees related to speakers and conference space. The only costs to attendees are travel and lodging fees.

Great Speakers

Many of the same great speakers you look forward to seeing all year.

2024 and Beyond

  • Orange Park, FL

    April 19-22, 2026