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PTP 2020 Keynotes

All classes will be available on or before 7:00pm Central Time on the dates below. Sunday classes will be available on or before 8:00am Central time.

Friday, August 14th

  • Dan Winkler – I Don’t Want to Go to Heaven Because. . .

Saturday, August 15th

  • B.J. Clarke – Living Water for Thirsty Souls

Sunday, August 16th

  • Glenn Colley – Getting to Know Jesus Better by His Names
  • Hiram Kemp – Our Love for God
  • Mike Hixon – Jesus Has the Keys to the Cemetery

Monday, August 17th

  • Cliff Goodwin – What Is a Christian?

Tuesday, August 18th

  • Don Blackwell – How Grace, Faith, and Works Are All Involved in Salvation

Wednesday, August 19th

  • Terrence Brownlow-Dindy- God’s Divine Design for the Church

Thursday, August 20th

  • John Deberry – America, A Return to Righteousness

Friday, August 21st

  • Hiram Kemp – Why I Love the Church of Christ

Saturday, August 22nd

  • Cliff Goodwin – The Beautiful Bride of Christ

Sunday, August 23rd

  • Kyle Butt – Courage (Doing What Is Right Regardless of Physical Consequences)
  • B.J. Clarke – I Have Chosen the Way of Truth
  • Mike Hixon – Our Refuge in Troubled Times

Monday, August 24th

  • Terrence Brownlow-Dindy – The Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15)

Tuesday, August 25th

  • Larry Acuff – Get a Life

Wednesday, August 26th

  • Mike Vestal – Don’t Waste a Setback

Thursday, August 27th

  • Phil Sanders – If I Were the Devil

Gospel Meeting Material

If you would prefer to have a Gospel meeting preached by one preacher we have three that we will be releasing:

Dan Winkler – Click/tap to view the classes

  • I Must LIsten to God What God Says – HEAR
  • I Must Accept and Act on What God Says – BELIEVE
  • I Must Change because of What God Says – REPENT
  • I Must Express My Faith in What God Says – CONFESS
  • I Must Be Baptized the Way God Says – BE BAPTIZED

B.J. Clarke – Click/tap to view the classes

  • Where Could I Go, but to the Lord? (Ps. 73)
  • It’s a Matter of Life and Death! (Prov. 18:21)
  • There Is One Baptism, but Which One? (Eph 4:5)
  • There Is One Body, but Which One? (Eph 4:5)
  • The Six Steps of Effective Bible Study

Glenn Colley – Click/tap to view the classes

  • Four Magnificent Statements from John 16 that Will Ground You in the Faith
  • Seeing the Unseen (2 Corinthians 5)
  • Five Scriptures Parents Should Teach Their Young Teens about Dating
  • How to Recognize a False Teacher When You See One (Matt. 7:13-23)
  • Seven Bible Superlatives that Make Life Easier