Podcast: Some Suggestions on Leading Family Members to Christ (Hiram Kemp)

Part of the holiday season is spending time with family members that we might not see that often. Most families have members that are not Christians, and this might be the only time of year that we have to influence them for Christ. Sometimes, these situations are uncomfortable and we don’t know what to say or do.

This week’s podcast features a short, practical lesson from brother Hiram Kemp where he provides 7 suggestions that we should keep in our minds as we try to lead family members to Christ.

Hearing Jesus On Marriage and Divorce

The world is terribly confused about divorce because the world is even more confused about the nature of marriage! In Christ’s day, divorce was a matter of considerable controversy. Today divorce is quite common, but the pain, scars and confusion it leaves behind can impact individuals and families for a lifetime. How we respond to such subjects can say a great deal about us as Christians!